Thenmap is a repository for historical borders.
You can use it to create historical maps, like the one below.

Thenmap API

Use the Thenmap API to fetch historical geodata as GeoJSON or TopoJSON, or prerendered maps as SVG files.

Pass a year and preferred coordinate system or projection, and the API will give you all borders in return. Like the world in 1956, or Swedish municipalities from 1979.

The Thenmap API currently holds:

  • World borders, from 1945
  • Swedish municipalities, from 1974 (a few borders in southern Sweden still missing from 1973)
  • Swedish counties, from 1968
  • Finnish municipalities, from 2010
  • US states, from 1865
  • Municipalities of Greenland, from 1979
  • Municipalities of Switzerland, from 2010 (using data from the Federal Office of Topography)

Learn more by reading the full documentation.


Use Thenmap.js to embed a historical SVG map on your site.

We built a super simple javascript library for Thenmap that lets you draw SVG maps with a few lines of code. You can color the map by defining fill colors in a Google spreadsheet.

Look how simple it is (draws the map below):

var settings = {
 dataKey: "1xyNmpKKksy7ZaELB12UY4M2CP0-4EkwO7DWpfu30wsE",
 dataset: "world",
 date: "1949"
Thenmap.init("worldmap", settings);

Play around with some the settings it the interactive sandbox

An example: French colonies in 1949

Credits, copyright and licensing

Thenmap is built by Leo Wallentin from Journalism++ Stockholm, Danny Mallas Pereira and Jens Finnäs.

And extra applause: Internetstiftelsen has been kind enough to support this project.


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